Godiva Chocolate Pie 

As a little girl one of my favorite memories is going to lunch at Café Bon Appetit in Shreveport, LA.  I vividly remember standing up in the chair to ask a waitress for more sweet tea and fell over backwards, completely humiliated.  The front part of the restaurant was full of gifts, cookbooks, and a Godiva chocolate case.  We always oohed and aahed over the chocolates, but the truly best treat was a slice of the Godiva Chocolate Pie with homemade whipped cream on top for dessert.  

Lucky for me, my mom has an old Café Bon Appetit cookbook, and she makes their Godiva Chocolate Pie at my request for our favorite holiday dessert.  I am so happy whenever I am able to slice myself a piece (or two) of this, and therefore I am tickled to share it with you today.  


·       ½ cup butter

·       3 ounces Godiva or milk chocolate

·       4 eggs, beaten

·       3 tablespoons white corn syrup

·       1 ½ cups sugar

·       ¼ teaspoon salt

·       ¼ cup milk

·       1 teaspoon vanilla

·       1 pie shell, unbaked

·       Ice cream or whipped cream for serving

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Melt butter and chocolate in sauce pan.  Remove from heat.  Beat eggs until light and thick.  Add other ingredients.  Add chocolate and butter mixture.  Mix well.  Pour into pie shell.  Bake for 30 – 35 minutes or until the top is crusty and the filling is set.  Do not over bake.  Serve with ice cream or whipped cream.

(Ashley Madden Rowton is a wife, mom and published cookbook author.)