Pendergrass announces for District E

 Minden Foundation President Andy Pendergrass has announced his candidacy for the District E seat on the Minden City Council. The primary election will take place November 8, 2022.

“I decided to run for this City Council seat because I felt the overwhelming need for change,” Pendergrass said. “Many conversations have been held about the need for change in Minden, and I agree. I want Minden to be known for its great qualities, not for its squabbling elected officials.”

Andy presently serves as president of the Minden Foundation, a local charitable organization that raises funds for those in need in the Minden community. The money raised goes to victims of catastrophic disaster, serious illness and other crises. Since the foundation’s inception in 2004, it has disbursed more than $750,000 to Minden area residents. 

Andy’s efforts with the foundation also led to the painting of downtown’s “Love Over Everything” mural, a theme that fittingly represents his approach to city government. Raised in Minden by parents who taught him to think for himself, Andy was taught at an early age to embrace people for who they are and to look beyond differences in appearance or politics. In fact, the “Friendliest City in the South” mural downtown was dreamed up and funded by his parents, Ty and Patty Pendergrass.

“I was brought up to be thankful for where I am from,” he said. “My brothers and I were raised to be patriots and the love for our country, the state of Louisiana, and the city of Minden runs deep in the fabric of our family. My dad, Ty, served two terms on the Minden City Council for District E in the 1980s and 1990s. My mom, Patty, served in the Air Force and actually gave birth to me at Barksdale Air Force Base. Civic service and patriotism are not something we pay lip service to in our family. We step forward to serve when we feel called to do so.” 

 As a Councilman, Andy’s agenda will be formed by his role as a father who is raising a young family and hopeful for the future of Minden. His wife, Polly, teaches kindergarten and together they have two young sons, Calvin and Freddy. Andy’s candidacy comes from the angle of someone who has lived and worked elsewhere and can’t imagine raising his family anywhere other than Minden, Louisiana.

“My wife, Polly, and I decided to move back to Minden from Shreveport after we had our first son, Calvin,” Pendergrass said. “Minden felt like a much safer and family friendly community for us. When we found our home here, it was exactly what we had been searching for. Since then, we’ve had another son, Freddy. We love being in the heart of the city and raising our boys with the same pride in country, state, and city that I was raised with.”

 The combination of love for all and hometown pride will shape Andy’s campaign. He is eager to tackle tough issues facing the city, such as high utilities, crime and policing, and economic development. None of this can happen, though, without open ears and an open heart to all in District E and those whom he will serve with on the council, even in times of disagreement. His values as a conservative Christian husband, father, friend, and businessman guide him to treat others with respect and an open mind while maintaining his core values.

“I am faced with the same challenges as everyone else in town. Our utility bills are high, I want the city to be safe and crime free, and we need to see job and population growth in Minden to sustain our future,” Pendergrass said. “I am a business owner in Minden, so my ability to provide for my family is tied to the future of Minden.”

Andy is a financial advisor at Meriwether Wealth & Planning, serves on the Board of Directors for the CHRISTUS Foundation, and the Global Healthy Living Foundation’s Board of Patient Governors. He has been a member of the Minden Lions Club since 2012. He holds an undergraduate degree from Louisiana Tech and a master’s degree in financial planning from Indiana Wesleyan University. Andy loves spending time outside with his family and sharing a laugh with his friends.

 City Council elections in Minden will be held November 8, 2022. Early voting begins October 25 and ends November 1. To register to vote, visit

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