Unborn baby and family need community’s help

Baby Bryer and the whole Fish Family need help, and Women Helping Others (WHO) are willing to cook the public supper on a hot August night, while blessing the family in return.

WHO member Ramanda Ketchum said the unborn son of Kristin (Mathews) and Bubba Fish has Congenital diaphragmatic hernia 

“CDH) is a birth defect in which the diaphragm—the muscle that separates the abdomen from the chest does not develop completely,” Ketchum said. “It causes a hole where abdominal organs can migrate into the chest. When that happens, it doesn’t leave enough space for the lungs to develop normally, making it hard for the baby to breath.

Kristen was scheduled to be moved to Houston July 21 to continue appointments with the specialist and is scheduled to deliver at Texas Children’s in August. Baby Bryer will spend an estimated 1-3 months in the NICU after having hernia repair surgery 2 to 7 days after his birth. Her husband will be traveling back and forth on his days off. 

This fundraiser is to help the expenses with travel, housing and food while in Houston, Ketchum said.

The chicken spaghetti fundraiser will take place from 5 until 7 p.m. August 8.  Pick up only at Sarepta Community Building, 210 Vine St.; $10 includes chicken spaghetti, green beans, roll and dessert.

Purchase tickets in advance from any WHO member.

Please contact: 

Ramanda Ketchum at 318-347-2612 (text) or Donna Lewis at 318-294-6296 (text)