Sarepta recognized for police department body cams

By Tina Montgomery

The Town of Sarepta received recognition  recently for implementing the use of body cams for its police department.

The Honorable Mention in the area of Technology and Connectivity was given to the Town of Sarepta by the Louisiana Municipal Association during its Annual Convention presentation of Community Achievement Awards. The awards are presented each year to municipalities that had outstanding projects promoting progress in municipal services during the past calendar year.

Mayor Peggy Adkins said the use of body cams was a new project that began last year. Police body cams are generally used to demonstrate transparency to their communities; to document statements, observations, behaviors, and other evidence during law enforcement encounters with the public.  

“It’s a really good project. They [the body cams] can be useful in court when they [alleged offenders] aren’t truthful about circumstances of violations” Adkins said. 

The video and audio proof can confirm or refute statements made by the accused during court appearances. There are 4 body cams in use now by the Sarepta Police Department.

The LMA brings together municipal leaders in the active pursuit for solutions to common problems, discussion of federal and state policies to resolve pressing issues, and dialogue with federal and state policymakers to improve the system of government at all levels and expand municipal government autonomy. Its mission is to promote progressive leadership, efficient delivery of public services, and effective performance in government among its members.

The Community Achievement Awards are presented annually to eligible municipalities in four population tiers in the categories of Basic Services, Community Development, Economic Development, and Technology and Creativity.

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