Apaches defeat Hornets for Homecoming win

Photo by Emily Glasscock

By Landrie Still

On Friday, September 30, the Apaches took on the Arcadia Hornets for Glenbrook’s 2022 Homecoming Game. Despite the tough first half of the game, the Apaches came out on top, increasing their undefeated season record to 5-0. In a post game interview, Glenbrook Head Coach David Feaster said, “After the slow first half, it was good for the guys to get the conditioning that they did.”

Team Captains DJ Carter, Dayton Sims, Tre Kent, and Toby Haulmark led the Apaches at the start of the game, and Arcadia chose to kickoff with the Apaches set to receive the ball. Arcadia started the game with an onside kick that they recovered giving the Hornets a chance to strike first, Arcadia slowly moved the football down the field toward the end zone, but the Hornets fumbled, which was recovered by the Apaches. After several big Glenbrook plays, Arcadia regained possession of the ball with an interception. While playing defense, Maddox Mandino and Kent deflected an attempted long pass while the Apache Defense forced the Hornets to punt. The Apaches regained the ball, and Ty Feaster passed the ball to Carter, who moved the football down the field. Landry Powell, a standout and fighting force for the Apaches, successfully caught Feaster’s pass and made an Apache first down by bringing the ball to the 12 yard line. The Apaches soon moved into scoring position as Powell scored the first touchdown, and Feaster kicked the first extra point of the night with 1:32 left in the first quarter. 

At the top of the second quarter, Garrett Brown made two big defensive stops, but Arcadia pushed the ball to the 21 yard line. After the Hornets turned over on downs, the Apaches took over, leading to Feaster making successful passes to Powell and Chase Sentell. Feaster then handed off the ball to DJ Carter, who broke through the line and scored a touchdown with 4:45 left in the second quarter.

“DJ Carter had a great night and ran the football really well,” Coach Feaster said.

Arcadia took possession, but the Apache defenders Rhett Johnson, Mandino, Powell, and Luke Vining fought hard to hold the Hornets back. Arcadia eventually pushed through and scored a touchdown, adjusting the score to 14-6 with 0:20 left in the half. 

At the beginning of the third quarter, Arcadia received the ball, but Johnson, one of the night’s greatest standouts, made a huge sack against the Arcadia quarterback and pushed them back 12 yards and eventually caused a turnover. After a successful handoff to Carter, Feaster passed the ball to Cason Clemons, who aided the Apaches in moving closer to the endzone. Feaster then kept the ball and managed to push through the Hornet defense, scoring another touchdown and extra point for the Apaches, with a score of 21-6 halfway through the third quarter. After a bad snap by the Hornets, Johnson recovered the fumble and made a huge defensive play for the Apaches. Glenbrook’s offense charged onto the field and Chase Sentell scored his first touchdown of the game. At the end of the third quarter, Feaster made passes to Carter, Sentell, Cleamons, Mandino, and Johnson, which set the Apaches up for success at the beginning of the fourth quarter. 

Beginning at the Hornet’s 7 yard line, Feaster passed the ball to Carter, and then kicked a field goal, adjusting the score to 31-6 only a minute into the fourth quarter. As the Hornet quarterback was pressured by Mason Farnell, Carter made an interception, setting the Apaches up for success. The most memorable play of the game was when Feaster then connected with Turner McLelland who weaved through defenders, broke several Hornet tackles, and changed directions multiple times to score for the Apaches with 10:00 left in the ball game. 

The Hornets soon scored a touchdown and a two point conversion. After the onside attempt was recovered by Jackson Waller, Feaster assisted Powell in scoring once more for the Apaches, adjusting the score to 45-14. The Hornets fought back and scored a touchdown and 2 point conversion soon after. Kent, who was recognized as a standout of the night by Coach Feaster, set up and scored his first touchdown of the night. As Feaster was set to kick the extra point, a bad snap led to Powell quickly grabbing the ball and powering into the end zone for an Apache two point conversion, setting the final score of the game to 53-20. Arcadia had 1 last chance to put points on the board, but Kent sealed the fate of the game with his second interception of the night allowing the Apaches to run the last few seconds off the clock for the win.

The Apaches proved themselves once again this past week by defeating a very talented and tough Arcadia team. Coming off of this Homecoming win, the Apaches will look to extend their winning streak by taking on Magnolia Charter School next Friday for the Week 6 matchup. 

Photo by Emily Glasscock

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