The Farm posts about shots fired

By Bonnie Culverhouse

Minden Police are investigating reports of shots fired Saturday during a private function.

A Facebook post by The Farm of Cultural Crossroads Sunday brought to light the event.

“The safety of the public, especially children, are of utmost importance to us as an organization,” the post reads.

The Farm often books the property on the corner of E. Union and Talton in order to help fund other projects.

“We believe the shots were fired at the event, but we are still working on this,” said Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper.

The post states that policy changes requiring added security are in the works.

“Although we have had countless rentals that ran without a hitch, to have even one that requires the involvement of police and had the potential of endangering any citizens is unacceptable,” the post continues.

There were no reports of injuries.

Please contact the Minden Police Department at 371-4226 with details that could assist the police in this investigation.