Power to the people

By Bonnie Culverhouse

The City of Minden has once again proven its resilience during hard times.

Three days after an F 1 tornado hit the town, taking out roofs, trees and power lines, Minden Mayor Terry Gardner says all power has been restored.

“At least to the homes and businesses we know about,” Gardner said. “Now, there are individual homes we couldn’t turn on because they have damage that has to be repaired, but they will call us when they are ready, and we will go to their homes and get them back up.”

Gardner said if there are any homes without power at this point, they should call Minden City Hall (318-377-2144) and individual crews will be deployed.

The city brought in two additional crews, both from Lafayette, he said. They have returned to their home base, along with an additional tree-trimming crew.

“All that’s left is to clean up debris, and that will take a couple of weeks,” he said. “Our fire department, our street crews were all out with chain saws.

“We’re pretty resilient when something like this happens,” he continued. “The whole city comes together.”

Photo: While most City of Minden crews take off for Memorial Day, at least one group works to clear a large tree by the water tower across from First United Methodist Church on Broadway.

Photo by Bonnie Culverhouse

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