Minden Police Officer Reels in Bass

By Bonnie Culverhouse

A traffic stop for an expired license plate netted a felony drug bust for Minden Police.

Kevin Wayne Bass II, 25, of the 1200 block of Dorcheat Road, was charged with possession of Sch. II, drug paraphernalia and obstruction of justice when a Minden officer initiated a traffic stop on the corner of Buchanan and East & West streets.

“Our officer said as he approached the vehicle, he could see the driver and passenger moving around erratically,” said Police Chief Steve Cropper. “He asked Bass to step out of the vehicle, and his sergeant removed the passenger, Shawn Rambin, from the other side.”

Given consent to search the vehicle, Cropper said the officer located on the driver’s side of the vehicle floorboard a long glass pipe with suspected Methamphetamine in it.

“They also located a white fountain cup in the driver’s side cup holder,” Cropper said. “Inside was a clear plastic baggie containing a crystal like white substance that was suspected Methamphetamine, which a field test confirmed.”

Both men were read their rights, however, after questioning, Bass reportedly told the officers, “I’ll take the hit for the Meth; it’s mine.”

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