Sarepta Branch Reopening: Come meet your new Branch Manager, Pam Dorsey, starting June 8

Welcome, Pam Dorsey!

Webster Parish Libraries welcome Pam Dorsey to the Sarepta Branch! Ms. Dorsey, born in Cotton Valley and raised in Sarepta, is excited to begin this new chapter. Dorsey may be the new manager but she’s no stranger to the Sarepta Branch–she’s been a patron since childhood and remembers visiting as much as possible. Safe to say she loves reading…it’s what attracted her to the job. She’s ready to dig into our audiobooks and e-books so she can read to her heart’s content while saving money.

Dorsey worked in banking management for 38 years and looks forward to reconnecting with her customers. She has a special connection with older people and loves assisting them.

Dorsey has two children, Allison, a 4th grade teacher at North Webster Lower Elementary and Trey, who works at Century Link. She has 5 grandchildren: three girls and 2 “bonus” grandsons.

In her spare time, Dorsey enjoys adult coloring, bird watching and spending time with her rescue dog, a Pomeranian named Bella. If you’re from Sarepta, chances are you already know Miss Bella, as she loves to be out and about to soak up the attention!

Dorsey is also a writer and has had a poem published in a book.

The Sarepta branch re-opens June 8, so stop by and welcome your new manager!

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