Cotton Valley Library Branch announces new hours of operation

Good News! The Cotton Valley Library Branch will have new hours in order to better accommodate our patrons starting June 14, 2021! New hours are Monday-Friday from 2-6 pm.

Cotton Valley Library Branch Fun Facts:

The Cotton Valley Library branch was originally located in Mr. J. L. McClellan’s hardware store before it closed in 1930. In 1930, the branch was relocated to the first floor of the local grammar school in August of 1930. At the time, Mrs. Clyde Smith was the branch manager.

In 1950, the school system and libraries separated. Cotton Valley opened the doors to its new location on June 26, 1950 through the cooperation of the Cotton Valley Improvement Association and the Cotton Valley Town Council. In 1955, Cotton Valley residents voiced their desire for a new facility. In August of 1957, the Cotton Valley branch was relocated to Main Street in ‘Dr. John Pugh’s Building’ near what was the People’s Bank and Trust Company. It was a brick structure that had been completely remodeled and equipped with library facilities.

In 2009, the old Barksdale Federal Credit Union, a nine year-old building the size of roughly 1,200 square foot, was purchased in hopes of moving the library branch from its location on Main Street to Highway 371 because the current location for the library was deteriorating and becoming uninhabitable. Renovation plans were created for the new location and the newly renovated library opened to the public in 2010.

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