Conflicting reports result in stabbing arrest

By Bonnie Culverhouse

A she said/she said incident has resulted in stabbing injuries to one of the subjects involved.

Jessica Williams, 31, of the 500 block of Moore St., Minden, was arrested Sunday by Minden Police and charged with simple criminal damage to property and aggravated second-degree battery.

Chief Steve Cropper said Det. Shane Griffith answered the call to a second Moore Street residence.

“Upon his arrival, he made contact with Lt. Chris Hammontree, who told him the victim had been transported to Minden Medical Center, and Williams was at police headquarters,” Cropper said.  “Lt. Hammontree said Williams admitted placing the knife in a drainage ditch behind her residence. It was secured as evidence.”

Cropper said Det. Griffith proceeded to MMC to interview the victim, who said Williams became angry because the victim reportedly gave money to Williams’ sons.

“The victim told the detective that she and Williams had a verbal confrontation that became physical,” said the chief. “She also said some other subjects at the second Moore Street address broke up the two.”

A short time later, Williams reportedly returned to that location and retrieved the victim’s purse from under the carport.

“The victim said Williams removed her cell phone and slammed it on the concrete, destroying it,” Cropper said. “Then she said Williams took her knife from her purse and began stabbing her. Det. Griffith noted stab wounds to the victim’s right bicep, left thigh and abdomen.”

Griffith reportedly returned to police headquarters to interview Williams. Cropper said the suspect told the detective that she became enraged when the victim brought up a sexual battery involving her children.

“Williams stated the two fought and the victim produced the knife and put it on a chair beside her purse,” Cropper said. “Williams stated she retrieved the knife after the victim attached her a second time and began stabbing her. She stated she then ran to her backyard to hide the knife.”

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