Message is one of prayer by the patriot

By Bonnie Culverhouse

Patriotic prayer is one of the strongest in the world, according to Former Dist. 36 State Sen. Ryan Gatti.

“When we think about patriotism, we think about how much we love our country,” Gatti told a large group gathered at Eagle Park by Turner’s Pond on Lewisville Road Saturday morning. “Three hundred and sixty-five times in the Bible, God says ‘Fear not.’ Fear is not a part of being a patriot.”

Patriotism comes from our patriarchs, he pointed out.

“Some people don’t want you to praise God on a day like this,” Gatti said. “The power of prayer a patriot possesses is wonderful … it’s extreme. God hears the prayers of the patriot because of the sacrifices they have made.”

Abraham, Moses and Noah prayed for their people, rather than their country because that is the calling of a patriarch, he said.

“Pray, pray for your fellow man, especially the ones you think are tearing the country apart,” Gatti said. “As long as our flag waves, freedom is available and salvation can be spoken about in churches. As long as these flags fly, patriots have a conduit to God. Pray for the people you think are lost. God listens to the prayer of the patriot.”

The celebration, sponsored by Wiley Pevy Post 74 American Legion, concluded with the changing of the flags over Eagle Park – one representing each branch of the military service, as well as the POW/MIA flag and the American flag. At the end, ‘Taps’ was played by Charles Waters.

Photos by Bonnie Culverhouse

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