Smoother Roads Ahead with Bid Award

By Bonnie Culverhouse

Local contractor Benton & Brown was unanimously awarded the bid for street improvements to Longleaf Drive and Woodard Drive during Tuesday’s Minden City Council meeting.

Having received three bids, Benton & Brown was lowest qualified bidder at $416,500.

Street Superintendent Terry Combs said the amount of the job could rise.

“When we go in there and start chopping the road up, something could happen,” Combs said. “I can’t say it’s going to be smooth. It may not.”

“This amount is well below the budgeted amount of $504,000,” Mayor Terry Gardner said.

Residents of Longleaf and Woodard Drive gave members of the Minden City Council an ovation at the last meeting, after members voted unanimously to advertise for bids to fix their streets.

“If you drive down there today, you will see it’s as bad as it’s ever been. Every time it rains, it gets worse,” said Woodard Drive resident Tracy Campbell. “Fixing potholes only causes additional problems. It’s a temporary fix until the next rain comes.”

Campbell said the roads are so bad, vehicles are being damaged.

Other streets, such as Country Club Circle, may also be fixed in the coming year of 2021-2022. Total budget for street improvements is $750,000.

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