Former NSU Cheerleader Tapped to Lead MHS Squad

By Josh Beavers

Minden High School has found its next cheer squad leader.

Baleigh Danger, a former cheerleader for Northwestern State University, has been hired to sponsor the Minden High cheer squad in the athletic arena and teach science in the classroom.

“We are so excited to welcome Coach Baleigh Danger to our Tide family,” Minden High Principal Rebecca Wilson told The Journal. “Her expertise in the sport of cheerleading is unparalleled. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for our students.”

The Journal contacted Baleigh for a Q&A last week.

The Journal: So Baleigh, tell us about yourself.

Baleigh: I graduated from a small town in East Texas and came to Northwestern for their cheerleading program. I have a Biology degree with an emphasis in Microbiology. This will be my second semester teaching. Although I didn’t originally plan to teach, I absolutely love it now. I thought that I would go to either veterinary school or into the research field.

The Journal: That’s awesome. So about the classroom. What subject do you teach and why do you like it?

Baleigh: I started out teaching 2nd grade English at J.L. Jones, but I prefer any science subject as that is what I know best. I tutored several high school students while I was in college to make extra money and loved it. I am so happy to be teaching Biology for this school year and especially to older kids. I love young kids, but I believe that there are so many more opportunities in high school.

The Journal: Why did you want to sponsor cheer?

Baleigh: I grew up cheering and loved it. I was an instructor for the national cheerleading association for 3 years. I loved traveling around and teaching different schools how to not only cheer but become better leaders in their schools. A lot of people believe that cheerleading is something that you do on Friday nights, but it also teaches students how to have a positive outlook even if your team isn’t doing the best. Sometimes you can’t always control the circumstances (or game) but you can always control how you feel about it.

The Journal: How do you feel about joining MHS family?

Baleigh: I am so excited to be joining the Tider family this year. All of the teachers and staff are extremely supportive and welcoming. When Mrs. Wilson called and offered the job, I never hesitated to accept it.

The Journal: I know they are happy to have you; so, what are the first steps you plan to take with your squad?

Baleigh: Practices are hard but so are games. I want my squad to look back one day and thank me for how hard I pushed them not only physically but mentally as well. After every practice we have what I like to call circle time. We all sit down and go over the highs and lows of each practice but we never end with a low. At the end of the year I want my team to have learned at least one new skill or stunt that they thought was impossible at the beginning.

The Journal: I know you’ll be an asset to the school and community. Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers?

Baleigh: Minden has been such a blessing to me over the past six months, and I can’t wait to see what this amazing year has in store.

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