Drug induced man leads law enforcement on foot chase

By Bonnie Culverhouse

A Minden man is behind bars, but it took several law enforcement officers to make his arrest, thanks to the amount of drugs reportedly in his system.

Cecil Anderson, 47, of the 1400 block of Webster Street, was arrested by Minden Police, with the aid of Webster Parish Sheriff’s deputies, for obstructing public passages, resisting with force or violence and criminal damage to property.
Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper said officers received a call to return to the police department Saturday because Anderson was there, reportedly trying to force his way into dispatch.

“Anderson left the lobby prior to officers arriving,” Cropper said. “Officers located him on Broadway, near the city light department. He was walking in front of vehicles, blocking their passage.”

Sgt. Mitch Hackett, OFC. Jason Smith and Lt. Chris Hammontree followed Anderson as he ran across the parking lot of a local bank.

“Sgt. Hackett cut him off in the parking lot,” Cropper said. “Anderson was yelling about getting a bad batch of Methamphetamine. He was ordered to the ground several times, but he refused, with his fists clenched in agitation.”
Sgt. Hackett reportedly deployed his pepper gun, but two bursts were ineffective.

“Officers chased Anderson across Main Street, causing passage to be blocked as Anderson was almost git by several vehicles,” the chief continued. “They then chased him down Pearl Street to Green Street, west on Green for several blocks to the sheriff’s office.”

Cropper said several deputies were standing outside their office, and Anderson then stopped.

“Once officers caught up with Anderson, they attempted to place him into handcuffs, and he began to actively fight them,” Cropper said. “In his drug induced rage, it took five officers to get Anderson into handcuffs. He was taken back to the police department where he continued to be combative in a holding cell. He punched out the light and ripped the mattress apart.”

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