Gardner announces re-election bid for Minden mayor

By Josh Beavers

Minden Mayor Terry Gardner announced his bid for reelection during a fundraiser held last week.

Gardner, a republican, has been Minden’s Mayor since 2018 and a member of the Minden business community since 1978. The election will be held in 2022.

“My passion for Minden is monumental,” Gardner told The Journal. “I want to continue the progress we have started, and I want to continue to grow and continue to improve our infrastructure.

He added: “I want to continue to work toward achieving unity in our community so we can all move forward together.”

Gardner outlined improvements in the community under his watch including making City Hall more “Progressive, transparent, and modernized.” His campaign paraphernalia listed accomplishments including new communication methods, economic development initiatives including 21 new businesses, overlays on streets and at the Minden Airport, restoration of Ewell Park, enhancements at the Minden Rec Complex, street light LED conversion, a community cleanup and beautification effort as well as a push for more unity in the community. Upcoming plans he listed include a solar farm and fiber optics. 

Look for more coverage of local political races in the months to come.

Picture above: Minden Mayor Terry Gardner, right, speaks with local businessman James Madden during Gardner’s reelection campaign kickoff event last week.