Man arrested with tools in his pants

By Bonnie Culverhouse

Stuffing tools in his pants turned out to be a bad idea for one local man.

Eugene Elias Henderson, 48, of Watterman St., Minden, was arrested recently by Minden Police for felony shoplifting from a local discount store.

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper said his officers were dispatched to the store around 9 p.m. and talked with several employees that directed him to the tool section.

“They told officers that the suspect was there and had items in his pants,” Cropper said. “When confronted about stealing, Henderson admitted to it.”

Officers reportedly secured the suspect in handcuffs and advised him of his rights.

“Henderson told the officers the items were in his pockets,” said the chief. “One of the officers felt inside his pockets and found multiple small items. So, the officer walked Henderso to the customer service section where they emptied his pockets.”

The discount store reportedly scanned the stolen items.

“Henderson had a glass meth pipe inside a paper towel, which was inside a pack of cigarettes,” Cropper said. “Henderson admitted to officers that he was stealing the items so he ‘could eat.’ We don’t know if he was going to sell the items in order to get money for food.

“Henderson has multiple convictions for theft, so the charge was upgraded to felony theft,” the chief continued. “There was a small amount of Methamphetamine inside the glass pipe.”

Cropper said Henderson has been banned from the store.