Free money must be a bad thing

Not only does it provide a terrific view of the goin’s on around the ol’ home place, but there’s something about a comfortable ol’ porch rockin’ chair that makes a person curious.

No matter how hard we ponder, we just can’t figger why some city council folks don’t believe us commoners can use free money. Not long ago, somebody thought it would be a bad idea to accept grant money to fix some water and sewer pipes in one neighborhood.

We can understand refusing gratis greenbacks for water and sewer repairs, but only as long as there’s a tree to hide behind when Nature calls or there’s water in the creeks when we’re parched.

These same servants of the people’s best interests further thought it wasn’t good to take free money for the local airport…not once, but twice. We’re not sure, but there’s been no indication the airport money would have been wasted on jumbo jets or to launch a Bezos rocket.

There was a hint, though, that the airport freebie was snubbed because it only helped rich folks with big toys.
Since grant money is actually tax dollars we send to a government collection agency, we’d like one of these servants of the people to explain what’s wrong with letting Uncle Sugar hand us a tiny bit back.

Rocker heard one city servant was asked why the “no” vote to add the airport grant idea to the council’s agenda. “Move on,” was the sage answer. Heed thine own counsel, counciler. Mayhaps it would be wise to just stick to your day job.