Work begins on pair of heavily-traveled roads

By Josh Beavers

One local neighborhood is finally getting an overlay after a lengthy wait and a losing battle with a minefield of potholes.

Local contractor Benton & Brown began street improvements to Longleaf Drive and Woodard Drive on Friday.

Bidded price of the repair was $416,500.

Residents of Longleaf and Woodard Drive gave members of the Minden City Council an ovation at the city council meeting where council members voted to advertise for bids.

“If you drive down there today, you will see it’s as bad as it’s ever been. Every time it rains, it gets worse,” said Woodard Drive resident Tracy Campbell at the time. “Fixing potholes only causes additional problems. It’s a temporary fix until the next rain comes.”

The neighborhood has more than two dozen homes being serviced by the roads. Campbell said Longleaf and Woodard are so bad that vehicles are being damaged.

The Facebook group for the neighborhood was full of praise for the city and work crews when machinery rolled in last week.

“No more Han Solo navigating the asteroid belt in the Millennium Falcon,” said one resident in a post.