It’s the little things that make a difference; MHS Darling at a glance

By Josh Beavers

Minden High’s Kaylaan Washington wanted to make the start of football season special for the Crimson Tide.

That’s why the 17-year-old senior decided to provide three separate team breakfasts for team members before the first contest of the season.

The Journal reached out to Kaylaan to see why the MHS Darling made such a kind gesture.

The Journal: Hey Kaylaan, we heard about what you did. That was awesome. Tell our readers why did what you did for the team?

Kaylaan: I gave the football team breakfast because COVID has been hard on all of us, especially the sports teams, and I wanted them to know that I am here to support them and their efforts.

The Journal: That’s great. It’s good to know young people like yourself care so much about your friends and community. We also heard you won the MHS Darling pageant last year. Why do you like being MHS darling?

Kaylaan: I like being MHS Darling because it gives me the chance to reach out to all the people in my school and make a difference in their school life.

The Journal: Again, that’s great to hear. So, tell us, why is it important to be active in your school? Why do you do it?

Kaylaan: It’s important to be active because it gives you many opportunities for the future and gives you the opportunity to help design your future. I am active in my school because I can make a difference. Being active makes me love my school even more.

The Journal: Once a Tider, always a Tider, huh? So, tell us then, what does it mean to you to be a Minden Crimson Tider?

Kaylaan: It means a lot to me because I love the people and spirit and more. Roll, Tide, Roll!

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