North Webster rallies during first Spirit Walk of season

By Hailey Dinkins

North Webster Yearbook Staff

Last Thursday night North Webster High School held their annual Spirit Walk, hosted by our local Piggly Wiggly grocery store. The Spirit Walk is when the Band of Armor, Auxiliary, Lady Royales, Cheerleaders, Knightline, and football players parade from the school to the south end of Main Street to throw a city-wide pep rally!

During the pep rally, each spirit group took their turn to dance and cheer for the surrounding crowd of parents, students, and Knights fans. We are so thankful that our fans came out to support us despite their busy schedules and the end of summer heat.

The Spirit Walk is packed full of fun and games. Because we were outside, we got to have a water balloon toss. The participants in this game paired up and tossed their water balloons back and forth as they took a step back each round. If your balloon bursts, you’re out! This game was dominated by Jacobreious Walker and Tytravion Mendenhall.

We then had a dance off, in which Kamry Morris won by a long shot. All of the participants had fun and danced their hearts out to the music, but Kam’s moves were untouchable.

My favorite part was when we were divided into our classes to play a new and slightly dangerous game, where the smallest in each class walked across planks held by their classmates. I may have been dropped on the ground a few times, but it was worth it when my class, the seniors, won!

We ended our pep rally with Jacobreious Walker inviting everyone to the game the following night against Haynesville (Spoiler Alert: We won 34 to 7). He also expressed gratitude on behalf of our school to Piggly Wiggly for sponsoring this epic event. After his speech, the team gathered in a huddle to call it up. “Knights on me, Knights on 3! 1,2,3, KNIGHTS!”