Police break down doors to arrest man for battering ex-girlfriend

By Bonnie Culverhouse

Minden Police had to use a battering ram to get to a man who is charged with battering his ex-girlfriend.
Travis Wayne West, 42, of the 900 block of Park Hwy., Minden, was arrested for second degree battery, two counts of resisting an officer and three outstanding warrants.

Police Chief Steve Cropper said Off. Jason Lee was dispatched to Minden Medical Center’s Emergency Center Monday evening in reference to a female battery victim.

“The female told the officer she had been in bed at her residence when West entered, yelling profane statements at her and calling her profane names,” Cropper said. “When the victim told West he needed to leave and go stay at a family member’s house, he became enraged and began striking her in the head and face area with closed fists.”

The victim reportedly got away and ran into the bathroom, however, West followed her and kept striking her in the head and face.

“While West was yelling at her, she tried to use her cell phone to call police, but West snatched the phone from her and threw it through the bathroom window,” said the chief. “At some point, the victim was able to phone a coworker for help. She somehow got away from West, but she said he followed her out of the house. She got in the coworker’s vehicle, and was driven to the hospital.”

West reportedly called and texted the victim several times while police were interviewing her at the ER. Reports state she suffered several cuts and scrapes on both hands and her left forearm. She also has bruising on her upper, inner left arm. Both sides of her face were reportedly swollen and her upper lip was split on the inside of her mouth.

At around 9:30 p.m., Capt. Kirk Morgan, Lt. Chris McClaran and Sgt. Donald Brice attempted to make contact with West at the Park Highway address.

“West refused all orders to exit the residence,” Cropper said. “Officers formed a small perimeter around the front of the residence and repeatedly commanded West to exit the residence.

“Off. Lee, with Lt. McClaran, Lt. Chris Hammontree, K9 Tigo and Lt. Keith King stacked up on the front door of the residence at around 11 p.m., to make entry,” the chief continued. “When a house key, provided by the victim, didn’t work because of a deadbolt, officers forced entry using a battering ram. Lt. Hammontree deployed Tigo to search the first room of the residence.”

Officers reportedly located West in a locked bedroom and once again used the battering ram to gain entrance.

Cropper said West was standing in the center of the room and eventually complied with orders to approach officers with hands in the air.

He was transported to Minden PD where he was placed in a hold cell to await bail.