If this is community, here’s your sign

Loosely defined, satire is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

It’s this method of observation that your favorite occupant of the all-seeing rockin’ chair has chosen to discuss the follies foisted on the citizenry of this fair city. This time, satire just isn’t enough.

A week or so ago, we heard about a “community” meeting planned around the premise of uncovering the “truth” of what’s going on at city hall and with the city council, and the why’s and why nots behind failure to adopt a city budget. Featured information sources were a pair of city seat occupants.

Turns out, the meeting wasn’t truly a community conclave but more an elitist exclusion exercise. We saw one high ranking city official (Hizzoner the Mayor) denied entry to the meeting with the admonition, “You aren’t a part of this community.”

Another city council member who attended the gathering allegedly “just to listen” was told to leave. The ejectee said he didn’t want a quorum of the council present. When the quorum question was quizzed, ejectee said something to the effect, “This is my building and that’s my opinion.” Very Attorney Generalish.

This little castout was both silly and ironic. Silly because someone apparently has decided Minden isn’t one community and exclusivity is decided by demagoguery. Ironic because the exclusion occurred in a building that bears the name of a man (B.F. Martin) who preached tolerance and unity among all citizens of this town.

Someone missed the obvious. If there’s a problem with the man in the big office (Mayor), seems like he should be put in front of the constituency and confronted with questions. Refusing him entry to a public gathering where (allegedly) city problems would be discussed is raising questions rather than generating answers.

Maybe the organizers of the “community” meeting were less interested in solutions and more inclined to flame fanning.

Another rather amusing note: The self-appointed moderator suggested that litigation could be forthcoming over the ridiculous spat that occurred following the last council meeting. Victim of the incident is said to be considering legal action (some say with a little prompting) against Hizzonner, a police officer who vocalized his disgust and any others who allegedly didn’t try to stop the comic revue.

Our legal consultant, Willie Fleecem, says the only charges he can imagine are improper use of buttocks (a.k.a., chair bumping), voicing an opinion in public to someone who is concerned the opinion may be fact, and obsessive bemusement (too stunned by the sheer idiocy to respond).

Whatever the decision, litigant might want to get in line. From the chair, we hear a couple of city employees might be seeking counsel for the purpose of making the city live up to a promise. And another courtly episode could be in the future for folks who think laws don’t apply to them.

Laws like performing the duties to which one was elected, obeying court orders, passing a balanced budget by the state mandated deadline and fulfilling an oath of office. Litigation works both ways.