MHS student looks back on Fair

By Braydon Gaston, Minden High School

The Webster Parish Fair was in town recently, and a whole new generation of children were able to make memories that will last a lifetime. We all have those childhood memories of playing games and riding rides at the fair, and it makes me smile to know that the youth of the community were able to do the same this year. Minden doesn’t always have a lot of recreation opportunities for young people, so when the fair comes to town the excitement level increases among the young and old alike. It does not matter if you are a parent who wants to take your child or teenagers who want to have some fun of their own, the fair promises everyone will have a good time.

When I was little, I was never interested in going outside to play, but every rule has its exception. I vividly remember that there were only two places that ever made me want to go outside and play. The first was Victory Park. The second, and more relevant, is the Webster Parish Fair. Every time I went to the fair as a kid, I was blown away by all there was to do, and I know that the children of today are just as enthralled as I was. I know they’re amazed by the bright lights, the diversity of rides, and the unique foods. I know that when the children of our community are told that they are going to the fair, they will put on a bright smile.

And more importantly, I know that when the kids get older, they will cherish the memories they made there. I very rarely call things beautiful, but the fact that I know the kids in our community made precious memories at the fair this year is unquestionably a beautiful thing.