Police arrest one on indecent behavior with juvenile charge

By Bonnie Culverhouse

A 911 hang-up call led Minden Police to the arrest of a man on charges affecting a juvenile.

Davaris Moore, 30, of the 16,000 block of Hwy. 80 east, was arrested Wednesday by Capt. Tim Morris and Deputy Ward Marshal Joe Cornelius for indecent behavior with juveniles.

Chief Steve Cropper said a female complainant at a Carolina Street address, where the hang-up call originated, told Capt. Morris that Moore had spoken to her 8-year-old niece on Evans St. in an inappropriate sexual manner.

“Deputy Ward Marshal Joe Cornelius handcuffed and detained Moore as Capt. Morris Mirandized him,” Cropper said. “Then Capt. Morris went to the Evans St. address and made contact with the child’s mother and the complainant.”

According to reports, the child’s aunt heard the suspects words to the child that were sexually explicit and then encouraged the child to “go with him.” The mother and complainant agreed to write out statements and file charges against Moore.

“When they arrived at the police station, Capt. Morris activated his body camera and interviewed Moore,” said the chief. “Moore indicated he had spoken to the child and described her to the officer. His recollection to the captain was that he was singing a Hip Hop song and couldn’t remember the exact words.”

Capt. Morris reportedly told Moore there were statements that described his words as indecent behavior with a juvenile. At that point, Moore indicated his desire for an attorney, concluding the interview.

Moore is currently incarcerated at Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center.

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