Police arrest man who falls asleep behind the wheel

By Bonnie Culverhouse

Falling asleep behind the wheel will get a person in trouble with the law every time.

Harvey M. Major, 39, of the 900 block of Watterman St., Minden, was arrested by Minden Police for aggravated flight from an officer, aggravated criminal damage to property, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, no driver’s license, possession of Sch. I and possession of Sch. IV.

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper said Ofc. Reece Tewell observed a vehicle stopped in the middle of a local street with the driver asleep behind the wheel.

“After initiating his overhead lights and warning siren, the vehicle took off,” Cropper said. “The suspect ran several stop signs, drove on the opposite side of the road, reached speeds of 60 miles per hour in residential areas, while also swerving across the entire width of the roadway.”

The suspect, identified as Major, drove through numerous yards and road blocks in an effort to evade police.

“The vehicle hit a Webster Parish Sheriff’s Office pick-up truck,” said the chief. “It came to a stop in the 600 block of Marion St., where the driver exited the vehicle and was ordered to the ground.”

According to reports, WPSO Det. Marvin Garrett observed a clear bag hanging out of Major’s left shorts pocket.

“The bag contained a brown leafy substance suspected to be Marijuana,” Cropper said. “EMS was called, as Major was in a wreck. He was transported to Minden Medical Center for evaluation.”

During a vehicle search, officers reportedly located several round blue pills that were eventually identified as Diazepam.

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