Who’s interested, and whose interests are being served?

Your favorite rockin’ chair occupant has been keeping ear to the ground and eye on the pigeon cage (where top secret communications arrive daily), and we’re slightly disturbed at some of the incoming messages. It’s not our intention to beat a dead horse, but repeat offenders deserve recognition. Repeatedly.

We’re told efforts to pick up enough signatures from city council districts A and B are continuing, but reaching the required number is proving more difficult than city fathers imagined. According to somebody who knows somebody who’s trying to get anybody to sign on the dotted line, a lot of folks aren’t answering knocks on doors. 

One can only guess whether the residents are away or, as speculators suggest, residents have been urged to refrain from answering knocks from what looks like a city employee. One Rocker source says this “don’t answer the door” tactic was devised by a patron who reportedly resides in Ouachita Parish.

As discussed previously, signatures from roughly 10 percent of the residents are needed to secure grant money to make sewer repairs and upgrades in the above mentioned districts which are represented by Wayne Edwards (A) and Terika Williams-Walker (B). We are told when Hizzoner asked for assistance from the council reps in these districts, Mr. Edwards said he’d help. Ms. W-W’s response to Bump’s email seeking support: “Not interested.”

Not surprised. Ms. Not Interested seems to be interested only in making waves. This is the counciler who consistently votes “no” on accepting the minutes of the previous meetings. Understandable. She apparently doesn’t want her actions on the record, and who blames her. This is the counciler who refuses to raise the hand when asked to non-electronically cast a vote. Again, understandable. This is the “I’m not gonna and you can’t make me” stance many children adopt.

It appears Ms. W-W has little (or no) interest in the quality of life of the people in District B. This (free) money is dedicated to one of the most basic needs of residents and families. One would think a person residing in District B would leap at the opportunity to secure the reliable service a new sewer system would deliver to hundreds of households. 

But, we also understand that persons who are not a resident of District B would be “not interested.” Or, even worse, maybe somebody just doesn’t care.

Final thought: Hug a veteran today. Their service, and their sacrifices, has made it possible for us to live free.

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