The Quiet Center

Life is filled with busyness and noise that so often drowns out the voice of God. It is hard to hear over all the noise, and it is hard to find time in all the busyness to just be still and know. But, sometimes we find a place where the noise is silenced and the busyness is cleared away. It is there that we can be still, we can see things more clearly, and our hearts are quieted in the sweet presence of the the One who brings order out of chaos. That place is in the presence of Jesus, the quiet center of my heart. This is where I find everything falls away and I am able to listen for the whispers of the Spirit. 

I found this place unexpectedly a few years ago when we would gather for Wednesday night worship. This service was small and intimate. It was a sweet time of fellowship with prayer, God’s Word and Holy Communion. Some call this a “thin place.” A place in time where the space between heaven and earth grows thin and it is easy to encounter the Sacred. 

On Wednesday nights we would begin our time singing, “Come and Find the Quiet Center.” This hymn has a special place in my heart for several reasons. One of them is that it drew me into that “thin place” for the first time. This space, the quiet center, has become a place I seek often. It is where I have found my words land on the pages of my journal and thoughts become prayers. It is where I pour out my heart and my tears. It is where I meet in sweet communion with my Lord and Savior. Just us. 

We all need times to find the quiet center in the busyness and noise of life. We need room to open our hearts for hope to enter and meet us where we are. We need the quiet center to clear the chaos and the clutter. We need the quiet center to clear our eyes to see what He sees and find peace in simply being with Him. 

This Thanksgiving season, I am grateful for many things. One of them is finding the quiet center. My prayer for you this Thanksgiving, is that you find time to be still in His presence and share with Him all that you are grateful for this year. Meet with Him in sweet fellowship and simply be.