Shots-fired call leads to arrest

By Bonnie Culverhouse

A shots-fired call from apartments on Lee Street led to the arrest of one of the residents.

Demario D. Nolan, 19, of the 1300 block of Lee St., Minden, was arrested by Minden Police for illegal use of a weapon.

Police Chief Steve Cropper said Ofc. Reece Tewell responded to the call Monday evening and found bullet holes inside one of the apartments.

“The caller said a bullet came through her wall and almost hit her,” Cropper said. “The officer observed a bullet hole in several walls inside the apartment. There were two occupants, and they said the bullet went by both of their heads in two different rooms.”

While studying the bullet holes, Cropper said Ofc. Tewell noted the trajectory indicated the round came from a nearby apartment.

“He made contact with the resident in the other apartment and discovered two males,” Cropper said. “One was identified as Nolan. The other man told the officer the weapon – a Glock 9 MM – was in the closet. It was located and retrieved, however, the closet where it was found was not where it was fired.”

Det. Shane Griffith reportedly spoke to Nolan and the other man. It was determined Nolan had possession of the weapon when it was fired.

“Nolan admitted on body camera to having the weapon and pulling the trigger when it discharged,” said the chief. “Nolan also said he assumed the weapon was not loaded when he was handling it.”

Nolan was arrested and transported to the Minden Police Department without further incident.