Prayer meeting unites small group

By Bonnie Culverhouse

At the dead end of Linden Street, a group from several community districts gathered to ask the Lord to breathe life into Minden.

A prayer meeting was held Sunday next to J.L. Jones School, although it was in the street and not on school property. Coordinator Jamie Lewis, a teacher at the school, wanted those attending to keep in mind that children are at the heart of the community.

“There is power in agreement, and our children are what’s valuable,” Lewis said. “With this prayer meeting, we are in pursuit of love.”

Several persons spoke to those gathered and prayed over the ones who live in the district and walked to the school. 

Lewis opened the door and microphone to anyone who wished to speak or pray. Before they were finished, the community, children, parents and law enforcement were covered in prayer.

Col. Samuel Mims said he does not live in Minden anymore – he has moved to Dubberly – but he still loves the town and the shootings and stabbings that are taking place are “despicable.”

“To put it in Mims’ language, God’s a bad motor scooter,” Mims told the crowd of around 35. “This is not many (gathered) for the size of our city.”

Mims went on to say he feels “the problem is, we don’t like each other very much. God is our refuge and strength. As with most situations, God is not the problem. He is not the issue. He is the solution to it.”

Patrick White, director of “We’re Here,” said his organization was born of the desire to bond the community.

“Our goal is to mentor and motivate people with issues,” White said. “The key is getting to them in time.”

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