Council fails to name second in command

District B councilwoman Terika Williams-Walker (center) served as Mayor Pro Tempore for the City of Minden in 2021.

By Bonnie Culverhouse

The City of Minden may be kicking off 2022 with no back-up plan in the event Mayor Terry Gardner should be out of the city or unable to fulfill his duties.

Even with all city councilpersons present at the first meeting of the year, members were unable to agree on who would serve as the new Mayor Pro Tempore.

In the past, Mayor Pro Tempore has been elected by the council on a rotating basis. In 2021, District B councilwoman Terika Williams-Walker served in that capacity.

Tuesday, District D councilman Michael Roy nominated District E councilwoman Pam Bloxom to the position. No one seconded the nomination.

“Motion fails for lack of a second,” Gardner said.

Then Bloxom nominated Roy to serve in that capacity.

“Motion fails for lack of a second,” Gardner said again. 

No other nominations were made and Gardner said, “We will go into 2022 with no Mayor Pro Tem.”

“What about the Mayor Pro Tem we had?” District C councilman Vincen Bradford asked, referring to Williams-Walker.

With no further comment, Gardner moved to the next item on the agenda.

When the time came to adopt a resolution for signatory power to the new Mayor Pro Tempore, that agenda item was skipped since none was elected. That left Mayor Terry Gardner and Michael Fluhr, Acting City Clerk/Tax Officio, as the only persons who are authorized to sign checks drawn by the City of Minden.

Following the meeting, Gardner said he is talking with City Attorney Jimbo Yocum concerning both agenda items.

“He (Yocum) is also going to find out if the Mayor Pro Tem seat is really vacant or if she (Williams-Walker) remains in that seat,” Gardner said.

Since 2015, Mayor Pro Tempore positions have been held by the following:

  • 2015: Mike Toland – District D
  • 2016: Benny Gray – District E
  • 2017: Vincen Bradford – District C
  • 2018: Wayne Edwards – District A
  • 2019: Vincen Bradford – District C
  • 2020: Herbert Taylor III – District A
  • 2020: Wayne Edwards – District A (elected 8/3/2020)
  • 2021: Terika Williams-Walker – District B.

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