Parish shares COVID numbers

By Bonnie Culverhouse

The positivity rate of COVID has risen, according to Brian Williams, director of Webster Parish Office of Homeland Security.

“Right now, we are at 9 and a half percent. Last month it was 3.8 percent, so it’s doubled,” Williams told the Webster Parish Police Jury last week.

The numbers change daily, however, during last week’s meeting, Williams said there were 458 new cases and four deaths in the parish.

“We have just under 18,000 people in the parish that have been vaccinated,” he said. “That is about 26 percent of the total population. It’s an increase of 1,000 over the last two months.”

Williams said there is still time for people to be vaccinated.

“There are places all over the parish,” he said. “Dr. (Martha) Whyte has reached out to the Department of Health to look at two sites in the parish for COVID testing to increase testing capability and availability – one in Springhill and one in Minden.”

Whyte is the Louisiana Department of Health’s medical director for Region 7.

“With her office, we are also looking at the possibility of doing another drive-through,” Williams said. “Her office will partner with the Louisiana National Guard. We want, if possible, to have the vaccinations and testing at the same locations in the north end of the parish and the south end.”