Same ol’ no, ya’ know 

Nothin’ like a little trip to energize the senses and make a person appreciate what’s out in the real world, but it’s always nice to get back onto the porch and into the ol’ rocker. It’s also nice to see that while the world continues to turn, some things just don’t seem to move with it.

We timed our return to the rocker to coincide with one of this part of the country’s most (in)famous entertainment venues, a Minden city council meeting. As mentioned previously, some things don’t seem to change. Same song, hundredth verse.

As has been their habit since the first days of this administration, seat occupiers Williams-Walker and Bradford said no on approval of minutes from the previous council meeting. We and the curious world continue to wonder what’s the deal with this practice. It has become an expected, and irritating, introduction to each meeting ritual. Heckfire, it ain’t even cool. 

As we mentioned some time ago, there’s nothing in this city’s charter that requires a council person to explain such a vote. There is ethical precedence, however, to expect a “leader” in the community to explain why an innocuous item brings consistent negativity. But, as we heard from a “leader” once upon a time, some persons don’t have to explain anything. Not even to their constituents, and especially not to their mayor.

Speaking of consistency, we noticed at Monday’s show that Ms. Williams-Walker is still having trouble raising that right hand. Maybe it sounds a little silly, but each time Hizzonner asked for a council vote by raising the right hand, W-W’s arm never moved. That practice seems to have been going on practically since day one of the current administration.

Please forgive us, but it’s very much like trying to get a pouting kindergartener to cooperate about anything. Pretty hard to have confidence in a representative of the people who consistently displays this “I don’t want to, I don’t have to and you can’t make me” attitude.  Something as simple as a hand-raising shouldn’t be that difficult. Apparently personal overrides public in community concerns for some “leaders.”  

We are extremely happy to see Hanlon’s Razor is still sharp as ever, and that the puppet strings have remained well waxed in our absence. 

Speaking of puppet strings and those who pull them, there was a time when, from our porch, we couldn’t see the forest for the trees along that section of Sheppard Street beside the fire station and across the street. Thick woods sorta kept secret what was on the other side. Now, friends, there’s a new view. Lots of tree and brush clearing has opened up spaces previously known only to critters and creepies.

That give us a serious case of the curiosities. We were told some time ago that a local church had purchased property on both sides of the street down there, but lips went mum when asked about future plans for the property. Hopefully one of our little birdies can learn something and drop off something other than droppings. You know, like the stuff that comes from city hall.

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