Another St. Jude fundraiser, another record 

Lest any among you think our rockin’ chair sees only the negative, let’s put that misconception to rest right off the get-go. There is occasionally something other than political shenanigans that makes us grin from ear to ear.

From our little haven we observed something very special last weekend. We saw a bunch of dedicated individuals give their time and a whole lotta generous people open their hearts and wallets to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It was a tremendous effort and the result was a check from our home town to St. Jude for almost two and a half million dollars.

No matter who you are, that ain’t chicken feed. And it keeps alive an enviable streak. Minden remains the number one giver per capita to the childhood cancer research hospital. Rocker remembers the very first fundraiser for St. Jude. From the studios of KASO radio, Pete Treat and a bunch of friends and family raised a few thousand dollars. From small acorns grow mighty oaks.

Congratulations to all involved, and congratulations to the staff at St. Jude. Don’t you wish everyone in the country loved you as much as these folks down here?

And now, students, back to reality. Remember last time we wondered just what was the plan for all that property along the south side of Sheppard Street? It’s been de-treed for the most part and the de-treeing operation has now moved to the north side off the Fort Street intersection. From our rockin’ chair, it looks like we’re moving pretty quickly.

Rocker received a couple of messages this week that claimed to know a little something about what was being planned. One source who knows someone that knows someone said an architect has been hired to draw plans for a combination apartment complex/drive thru shooting range. Unique, but somebody might have zoning problems with that one. With our zoning commission, however, anything is possible.

Another source indicated someone or some group (congregation?) is wanting a possible bed and breakfast condo compound to handle an expected tourist stampede to our little town. That mega-migration is expected to hit shortly after HGTV airs the Minden edition of the show “Home Town Kickstart,” a series dedicated to giving your average small town a much-needed facelift.

It would be truly inspiring should the “if you build it they will come” theory bears fruit. We’re still waiting, though, for the powers that be to reveal how a new gazebo plus benches and a pair of renovations are the magic keys that will unlock this trove. 

Seems we need a few more attractions to attract the attractables. Rocker has a dish of crow and humble pie in the freezer, and we will gladly partake when this tourist tsunami materializes.

Further fueling speculation of what is in the future at Sheppard, or perhaps solving the riddle, is a pair of signs that have popped up on the property. The signs proclaim, “On the Move,” Another Ministry Project, St. Rest Baptist Church.  We’re told only the church leadership knows who will be ministering what to whom.  

Final thought: Condolences to those Mindenites who now find themselves residents in city council District B. A redistricting plan is on the table and new lines will be approved when council members decide to give a thumbs up, and that OK must happen before filing deadline for office.

When, and if, that plan is adopted (and there’s still one more “workshop” to be skipped), you new-B’s will be in for Halloween-type representation. You’ll never know whether you’re in for a trick or a treat, but you will be treated to some other-worldly representation.