Breakfast meal prep tips 

By Shakera Williams, M.P.H., Assistant FCS Nutrition Extension Agent – General & SNAP- ED, Webster/Claiborne Parish

Breakfast doesn’t have to be limited to breakfast foods! Choose healthy foods you like, even if you prefer foods in the morning that aren’t typically eaten at breakfast. Try one of these easy tips below!

Breakfast Tip # 1: For quick breakfasts on-the go, keep Greek yogurt and fruit in the refrigerator, whole grain English muffins in the freezer, and oats in the pantry. When you don’t have time to meal prep, you have several other breakfast options.

Breakfast Tip # 2: Pick one weekend day and designate a few hours to meal plan, grocery shop, and meal prep. If you can’t do it all at once split up the process over several days. Plan ahead and schedule time to plan your week.

Breakfast Tip # 3: Spend an afternoon making a large batch of breakfast sandwiches or burritos and freeze them individually. On busy mornings, thaw, and heat in the microwave. 

Breakfast Tip # 4: Make a large batch of smoothies over the weekend and freeze them in individual portions. Each night, thaw one in the refrigerator and enjoy the next morning! note: may require additional thawing in microwave in the morning.