The hole truth

One of Rocker’s heroes is Will Rogers. His truisms are as appropriate for the misguided today as they were in the early 20th century. After a slight faux pas at the site of one of our town’s scenic gazebos, we thought of ol’ Will and something he might have said.

“When you’re diggin’ a hole, make sure it’s not already occupied,” Rogers might have observed. 

A crew digging space for commemorative bricks at the Jacqueline Park gazebo accidentally struck historical paydirt in the form of a cement-encased time capsule buried by Chamber of Commerce folks in 1976. Those planners intended the object d’history (i.e., Chamber pot) to be in the ground 100 years, but you know what Robert Burns said about best laid plans.

Funny that nobody knew there was something timely buried at the place. Yes, officials said, there had been another time box posted at Jacqueline but vandals had pre-opened that one. Assumers thought that particular item was the one and only but you know what folks say about assuming. 

We wonder if there is any documentation on capsule number two and its intended grand opening date, or is it possible 2076 would have rolled around and history would have continued its underground existence. As Cool Hand Luke’s warden announced, what we have here is a failure to communicate. 

Also slightly humorous is what the digger-uppers thought they may have uncovered. Someone wondered if they might have dug up a bomb. Now that would have been a blast from the past. But, since bombs aren’t usually wrapped in an American flag, the discoverers decided to go ahead with the opening. Happily, no loud noise.

One of the more unique items found inside was a savings account from the now-absorbed Minden Building & Loan showing $50 in the books, donated by former Minden Mayor Tom Colton. An article in the local newspaper at the time reported the account could be worth more than fifty grand in 100 years. Wonder if there will be any penalties enforced for early withdrawal. Only bankers know, and you have to b1.

It will be interesting to learn just how much fifty bucks can accrue over 46 years, and who the beneficiary will be. If it is determined the dough goes to the city, there could be a problem. With the current council’s track record concerning free money, the vote could be 3-2 to turn down even this small windfall.

We’re making plans to rent a trailer and haul the ol’ rocker down to the local museum and take a gander at the stuff from the capsule. One thing we know for certain. There won’t be a miniature statue.