Jones class learns about fairness

Ms. Winkler’s 2nd Grade Class at J.L. Jones Elementary School had a great Community Circle discussion Thursday on fairness. The students played a quick St. Patrick’s Day game over the intercom and when her class was not one of the winners, they were all complaining that it “wasn’t fair.”

Ms. Winkler read them a short story about fairness, then she asked them about a time they had gotten hurt. The first student said that he had once hurt his finger, so she gave him a bandaid to put on his finger. The next one said they had hurt their head, and she gave them a bandaid and had them put it on their finger too. Each child talked about a time they had gotten hurt, and she made them all put a bandaid on their finger. 

Then she asked them if that was fair- they all got a bandaid for their finger. They said yes, it was fair. She then asked them if it was what they needed. So they had a discussion about how fairness doesn’t always mean you get what you want or need. They took this picture to remind them of that lesson.

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