Tie One On apron exhibit should be popular

The Dorcheat Museum needs your help. We are currently working on a new exhibit featuring APRONS, RECIPES, and PICTURES of some of our great cooks past, present and future! If you have an apron along with a picture to go with it of the owner….. Plus a recipe (HANDWRITTEN IF YOU HAVE IT)….. Please bring them by the museum for us to highlight.
This exhibit will run from April 1 – October 1. It will also be a big part of our SEPTEMBER 12 Fundraiser Gala for 2022! Yes we are back after a long break of gathering for a fun filled exhibit and gala! This exhibit is for the young and old alike….so if you have a younger child that cooks and they have an apron let’s highlight them along with your family.
Aprons tie us to the past in more ways than one. The memories of meals shared and recipes handed down through time is what cooking and family is all about. Many times a simple recipe takes us down memory lane or the smell of a pound cake cooking in the oven. Let us share those memories with others and the proud heritage of GOOD COOKS!
What we need:
1. An apron (yours, your grandmothers, aunts, cousins, husbands, dads, all aprons welcome) you can also bring more than one!
2. Two pictures to go with the apron… one of the cook and one can be a family picture! We will scan them in and give them right back to you!
3. The Recipe (handwritten if possible and we will scan it in and give that right back to you)
4. Short bio of the person that owned or owns the apron
You apron will then be on display until October 1st at the museum. You will be able to come by after that date to pick it back up.
This is going to be something fun for people to see….plus we will get some great history recorded in the form of a TIE ONE ON cookbook that we will produce afterward.
Call Schelley Francis for more details 318-377-3002 or drop by the museum at 116 Pearl Street. Dorcheat Museum is open Tuesday – Friday rom 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. and 2 until 4 p.m. or call us we can meet you to pick up aprons.