Young teens make up new gang

By Bonnie Culverhouse

As local law enforcement has moved forward arresting more than 20 members of one gang, another is taking its place.

Unfortunately, these new gang members are even younger than those in TTS (Trained To Step), said Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper.

“They call themselves CHS – it stands for Cold Hearted Steppa’s,” Cropper said. “Whereas TTS members are around 20 years old, CHS members are ages 12 to 16.”

Cropper said one of the CHS gang members allegedly shot a pickup truck in the Marion Street area Monday.

“We found the truck (Tuesday) in Heflin, and it had two bullet holes in it,” said the chief. “The victim was very uncooperative … he didn’t know anything, didn’t know how the bullet holes got there.”

However, the chief said, the shooting was reportedly tied to a fight that took place between the truck driver and the shooter around one year ago.

“The information and calls I got that night were that the gun was stolen out of Ruston,” Cropper said. “A lot of the guns we are running across on our streets are stolen out of Ruston, so there’s a lot of connection there. But that hasn’t been verified because we don’t have the gun yet.”

With TTS, the chief said gang members from Dallas to Shreveport came to Minden to recruit. That is not the case with the younger CHS gang.

“These are younger, local kids wanting to be like TTS,” Cropper said.

No arrests have been made directly tied to the shooting, although one man was taken into custody. He was found illegally living in an apartment rumored to be occupied by CHS members.

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