From Boots to Paws

“Boots” will be keyword of this month’s update. As in Boots on the Ground and Boots on the Boulevard. While we’re at it, let’s even talk about Paws on the Ground as well.

As far as Boots on the Ground, that’s exactly what happened within minutes following the violent storms that swept through our community earlier this month. Near midnight on the evening of the storms, I made my way out to help our public works and line crews. We were out for 20 hours straight and had all power restored with 24 hours. 

All our city crews did an amazing job. From our line crew, street crew, water department, ladies in light and water, power plant and all our ladies who worked late manning the switchboard and directing and returning phone calls, we have an amazing family here at the City of Minden. I appreciate that dedication and loyalty.

The storm was full of fury, but our employees swept through the areas to help others. I was honored to be out among them, giving encouragement, offering advice and providing support wherever I could. Whether it be providing food or running parts back and forth, being boots on the ground with our city employees is something I always am willing and able to do so that everyone in Minden can know they have a mayor who cares.

As far as Boots on the Boulevard, we raised more than $26,000 for a new welcome sign and a rededication after upgrades to Jacqueline Park. We set the goal for $14,000 but the overwhelming support shows that when people believe in strong leadership, they will invest their money and support causes. 

Finally, our bit about Paws on the Ground was a fun way to help raise funding for the relocation and rehabilitation of the Minden Animal Shelter. We celebrated Chairman’s first birthday over the weekend and took in $3,275 in donations for the cause. 

There were hot dogs, bouncy houses, cupcakes, photos and all manners of other fun things for our community. We had other dog lovers bring out their “furry children” to greet Chairman during the event.

Thanks to Wanda Groves for coming and putting on a demonstration For K9 animals.  She also has private classes as well …

It was a blast and brought awareness and funding to another great cause we are undertaking at City Hall.

So, from Boots on the Ground to Boots on the Boulevard and Paws on the Ground, we have been full speed ahead since our last update. Great things are happening in Minden, and the people of this community can rest assured great things will continue to happen under my leadership.

Thank you for your support and your belief in what we are doing.

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