MHS Championship team celebrates 50 years

By Bonnie Culverhouse

It’s May 13, 1972 … almost 50 years ago, and a group of Minden High students that make up the school’s baseball team are facing their nemesis in the championship game.

“We’d played Bossier three times already that year, and they beat us every time,” said former second baseman Jimmy Williams. “Nobody expected us to win.”

But they did – 3-0. Ronald Martin pitched a no-hitter.

“The Bossier team had already sized their championship rings,” Williams recalled. “I think they thought we would be easy to beat.”

What made this time different from the other three times the Tide played 26-0 Bossier?

“Butch,” Williams responded, referring to his coach and older brother, Butch Williams. “He told us we were going to win. He told everybody we were going to win. People laughed at him, but he was so sure that it instilled it in us.”

Over the years, the championship team has lost three of its own: Alan Sherrill, Steve Baugh and Coach Butch Williams. However, the remaining team members will have a chance to relive that glory day at 6 p.m. this Saturday, May 14 in a gathering at Orleans on Main.

Williams has contacted all the remaining teammates.

“I’ve contacted everyone, and I believe they will all be there,” he said. “Everybody but Tommy Strong. They’re coming from South Carolina, Arizona, Texas and Arkansas.”

Mark Chreene at KASO is going to replay the championship game beginning at 7 p.m. Saturday.

“It will be a once-in-our-lifetime thing,” Williams said. “We will probably never all be together again as a group.”

Williams said he wishes his brother/coach was still alive to be at the gathering.

“He would’ve been so happy about this,” Williams said.

Fifty years and one day after the championship was won, there will be plenty of stories, laughter, a few tall tales and memories so thick you can cut them with a wooden bat.

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