Webster Parish Police Jury cuts off funding for Webster Humane Association until further notice  

By Paige Nash

Webster Humane Association is a rescue organization that focuses on animal rescue, adoption, spay, neuter and prevention of cruelty to animals. They rely solely on donations and fundraisers to support these types of efforts. Until last Tuesday, the association received some of their funding from the Webster Parish Police Jury, but they have been cut off until further notice.  

“Originally, they came to every meeting and presented paperwork telling what they did,” said WPPJ President, Jim Bonsall. “How many dogs they spayed and neutered and whatever they did, they presented a report to us.” 

Webster Humane Association had a change of leadership a few years back and since then the attendance at monthly meetings stopped. Even so, they still sent in a monthly report explaining what the funds were used for during that month, but now that has completely stopped, too.  

WPPJ has reached out on numerous occasions with no response at all. They have sent three separate letters explaining the association will not receive any further funding from them until they respond and provide a report.  

“I am getting a few complaints in Springhill that they are not able to get anything paid for, for spays and neuters,” said District #1 Juror, Bruce Blanton. 

This is not the first time this type of problem has occurred. WPPJ had to hold a few checks just last year when they had not heard from them, but eventually they made contact and were able to reinstate funding. When this point was made, Juror for District #10, Vera Davison suggested this may be the association’s way of saying they are no longer interested in doing this anymore.  

The main concern that came up when deciding whether to stop funding is that it might be leaving the veterinarian offices that provide the spay-neuters, or other care, without payment. 

“Let them know ahead of time do not take any more of these spay-neuters because we are not behind it anymore,” said District #3 Juror, Daniel Thomas.  

After much discussion, it was decided unanimously to not make any further payments to the humane association at this time and to stop payments on any uncleared checks.  

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