Webster Parish Health Unit building repairs postponed; Springhill Health Unit may receive upgrades

By Paige Nash

The Webster Parish Health Unit and LSU AgCenter building were set to receive updates, but the project has been postponed at this time. The bid opened last month and during the pre-bid walk through the prospective bidders noticed some work that needed to be done in addition to the repairs already listed on the bid.  

The state inspected the building a little over six months ago and gave the Webster Parish Police Jury a list of repairs/updates that are needed on both floors of the building. The list included replacing floors, painting, converting light fixtures and installing new ceiling tiles where needed.  

The bid will be reopened to include the extra repairs, but the date is not known at this time. While further research is being done, the Springhill Health Unit may be getting upgrades of its own.  

“The Springhill Health Unit, I went out there and looked at it,” said Juror for District #1, Bruce Blanton. “There is a problem with the water heater and there are some tiles in the ceiling that have water damage on them, and I think that is from leaking of the roof.”  

The roof is only about 17 years old, but it has leaked since the initial installation. It was never repaired due to the contractor that built it going bankrupt. 

“I think right now is a good time, especially for the roof,” said WPPJ president, Jim Bonsall. “Its life is about gone.” 

Other than the water heater and roof, the building is in good condition. Since no other major repairs are needed at this time, the project may not be open to bid. The project may be completed by using available funds from the American Rescue Plan Act.  

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