WPCVC acquiring Miller Quarters at lesser price

By Paige Nash

The Webster Parish Convention and Visitors Commission reached out to a local law firm for advice about acquiring the Miller-Inabnett property for $500,000, which is a steep price and well over the appraisal value. The law firm informed them the Louisiana Attorney General does not suggest paying for anything over the amount of appraisal.  

The WPCVC originally entered into a signed agreement with the Miller-Inabnett family to pay $500,000. They recently sent over a written opinion along with the Attorney General rulings and after reviewing the documents, the family reconsidered and agreed to sell the property for $443,000, the amount for which the property was appraised. 

“He (Inabnett) has been very easy to work with and converse with,” said Ty Pendergrass, Webster Parish CVC chairman, “He wants to see a public entity on that space, that is his heart’s desire.” 

The title work is being processed and an upcoming environmental assessment will be done before the official closing takes place.  

It was decided by the board that $15,000 will be used from the Webster Parish reserve to promote the upcoming grand opening event at Miller Quarters. The event will be held on May 28. The WPCVC will be hosting an official ribbon cutting ceremony and Memorial Day celebration at the new location. 

The Germantown Bluegrass Festival and Scottish Tartan Festival will possibly be moving their future events to Miller Quarters. The Bluegrass Festival hosted by the Germantown Colony Museum had to change the location of their event twice due to the Germantown museum not having the space and the Minden Civic Center not allowing them to have vendors. That caused them to move the location to the Minden Fairgrounds at the last minute this year. 

The Scottish Tartan Festival can no longer hold their event at Scotland Farms, and if the WPCVC cannot find another suitable location to accommodate them, they will be moving the event to Alexandria. The board believes the newly-acquired Miller Quarters might be able to fulfill this need. 

“We really need to keep them,” said tourism commissioner Nick Cox, “That’s one of our biggest attractions.” 

The official decision will depend on how far along the WPCVC is in their development of the location. Many improvements have been made to the property with more to come.