A hot time in the ol’ town last weekend

From left, Zach Goodman, Steven Paul, Jordan Cupples and Derek Cupples.

By Paige Nash

The weather was hot, but the grills were hotter this weekend. B1 Bank sponsored the sanctioned, 6th Annual Grilling on Main. It was a two-day event giving locals and out of towners the opportunity to highlight their skills on the grill, competing in chicken, ribs and brisket categories.  

The younger cooks kicked off the event with the “Little Grillers” portion of the competition, followed by a cornhole tournament, shopping with local food and craft vendors, live music and fireworks show.  

The winner of the Little Grillers Junior Division went to Cruz Bryce, with Layla Cooley finishing second. Holden Cooley took the win in the Senior Division.  

John Battaglia and Blake Alford finished first place in the cornhole tournament. Brian and Jaxon Smith placed second, and Zach Mathews and Brandon Bullock rounded out the top three.  

The Grilling on Main divided the competition into local and regional winners for chicken, ribs and brisket. 

The local winners in the chicken category were David Hamlin taking the gold. J.D. Cottle finished in second place and Chris Plants in third. 

Mark Griffith took home the win in the local rib category, with Zack Goodman finishing second, and Slade Firth taking third. 

The local winner in the brisket category was Zack Goodman. David Hamlin finished second place and Donald Allums in third. 

The regional winners for the chicken category were Bob Zannini representing Galaxy BBQ in first, Brady Baudin with Sweet Bayou BBQ finishing second and Gerry Vallee with AC Cold Smoke rounding out in third.  

Scotty Bryce with East Texas Smokers finished first in the regional ribs category, with Lee Hickel with Redmule’s Bad Ass BBQ in second and Mark Griffith with Holmont finishing in third place. 

The winners in the regional brisket category was Donald Keen of Smoke Show BBQ taking the gold, Mike Steel with Pig and Cows Gone Wild finishing second and Brady Baudin with Sweet Bayou BBQ finishing third. 

The overall winners for the 6th Annual Grilling on Main event were Scotty Bryce representing East Texas Smokers in first place, Mike Steele with Pig and Cows Gone Wild finishing second, and Donald Keen on Smoke Show BBQ taking home third.