Auditor: City in good financial shape

By Bonnie Culverhouse

The City of Minden is in good financial shape for the fiscal year 2021, according to the accounting firm of Allen, Greene & Williamson LLP.

 Auditor Tim Greene told the council last week the only matters that need addressing include “component units,” such as City Marshal’s Office and City Court.

“They (Government Auditing Standards) would like you to include those in the report,” Greene said. “If you do not include it, they want to ensure an unfavorable opinion. They would like to see a comprehensive report.”

The part that received a favorable report was the City of Minden, Greene said.

“You have a clean, unmodified opinion, and the report so states that,” he added.

Financial Highlights: 

• The assets and deferred outflows of the City exceeded its liabilities and deferred inflows at the close of the most recent fiscal year by over $38.7 million.
• During the year, the revenue of the City’s governmental activities exceeded expenses by $.24 million dollars before transfers. Last year, expenses exceeded revenues by $3.4 million.
• The City’s total revenues were $5.5 million more than prior year. The increase occurred in both the governmental and the business-type activities.
• The total cost of all of the City’s programs was approximately $35.8 million.

The City of Minden paid the following amounts for compensation to members of the city council for the audited year:

Pamela Bloxom – Compensation: $12,600, Car Allowance: $1,200.

Vincen Bradford – Compensation: $12,600, Car Allowance: $1,200.

Tommy Davis (10/1/20 to 3/29/21) – Compensation: $5,961, Car Allowance: $600.

William Michael Roy (3/30/21 to 9/30/21) – Compensation: $6,155, Car Allowance: $600.

Wayne Edwards – Compensation: $12,600, Car Allowance: $1,200.

Terika Williams Walker – Compensation: $12,600, Car Allowance: $1,200.

Total – Compensations: $62,516, Car Allowances: $6,000.

Of the 14 regular sessions and 11 special sessions from the beginning the 2020 audit date to current, District B Councilwoman Terika Williams Walker was absent from 2 special sessions and 1 regular meeting. She was available by phone for a third special session.

District C Councilman Vincen Bradford missed 1 special session and was not absent from any regular sessions, while District D Councilman Michael Roy missed 2 special sessions and no regular sessions.

District A Councilman Wayne Edwards missed 1 special session and no regular sessions.

District E Councilwoman Pam Bloxom missed zero meetings, special or regular.

District D Interim Councilman Tommy Davis was present, beginning in October 2020 following the resignation of Keith Beard and before the appointment of Michael Roy.

Mayor Terry Gardner – Salary: $84,000, Benefits (retirement): $24,780, Benefits (Medicare): $1,305, Car Allowance: $6,000, Reimbursements: $2,582, Travel: $1,135.

Total compensation for the mayor was $119,802.

Mayor Gardner was present for all meetings.

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