New Lakeside turf offers many advantages

By Paige Nash

The finishing touches are being applied to the new turf on the Lakeside Jr./Sr. High School football field. This renovation began in April and is expected to be completed by next week. This is an upgrade that will benefit both the students and staff.  

Not only does turf look amazing, but it offers many advantages over traditional grass fields including, increased playing time, less on-field injuries and less maintenance, which results in less work for the coaches and staff that oversee maintaining the field throughout the year, especially during football season when the field requires preparation for practices and games.  

Most do not realize that the coaches and staff do not get paid to put in those extra hours required to maintain a traditional grass field. Grass fields require tons of time and attention. They need to be cut, watered, sprayed and treated. They are very easily affected by weather and climate, whereas turf fields are not constrained by these elements at all. 

“What ultimately led us to the decision to have the turf installed was that a lot of our teams are already used to playing on it. When you get to the playoffs and the state championship, you’re going to play on turf,” said Lakeside principal Denny Finley. “We offer a lot of programs at our school, so in the instance that both gyms are being occupied, a class will be able to take advantage of the turf.” 

Lakeside Jr./Sr. High School offers many athletic programs to their students, including football, basketball, baseball, softball, track and field, cheerleading, and beginning this year, soccer. All of which will benefit from the new turf field. 

When asked if there are any other upcoming improvements or renovations in the works, Finley said. “We want the softball and baseball fields to be next. Our school representative, Jerry Lott, really shares our vision for the school. He loves extracurricular activities and so do I. I want every kid at Lakeside involved in something, doesn’t matter if it’s a sport or club.” 

In addition to the junior high and high school teams, they are now offering a brand-new elementary school sports program. Students who attend Central Elementary and Lakeside and are in 3-6 grade are eligible to participate in this program.  

They are still looking for volunteers to coach and help with this program, so if you are interested, please reach out to Coach Megan “Roo” Johnson for more information at 

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