Concealed carry law affects veterans, active military

By Bonnie Culverhouse

A new law affecting veterans and active military was signed into law recently. Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards signed proposed law SB 143 into law making it Act No. 680. 

The new law, authored by Sen. Jay Morris R-Monroe, allows all honorably discharged Veterans and active military who have not been convicted of a violent crime, are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and are at least 21 years old to carry a concealed weapon without a permit in any place and under the same restrictions that those with a permit may carry a concealed weapon.

Webster Parish Sheriff Jason Parker said he has no issue with this law, especially because of training.

“These members have received extensive training in the responsible use of firearms during their military service,” Parker said.  

Also, the law provides for Louisiana State Police to create a free online concealed handgun education course available to all citizens.  

“This office supports all law abiding citizens’ rights to responsibly keep and bear firearms within the law,” said the sheriff. “We also will continue our fight to remove illegally obtained guns from criminals who use them to harm our citizens.”

Minden Police Chief Steve Cropper agrees with the sheriff.

“These people have been property trained,” he said. “I don’t see an issue with it.”

Concealed carriers will need to have proof of being a veteran which can be any military ID card or even a driver’s license showing “veteran” on it. The new law becomes effective on August 1.