Odds favor the odd makers

Betting windows are open for business now that the qualifying for election windows are close to opening for hopefuls seeking to occupy vacant city of Minden seats and, perhaps, some others that are not so vacant.

Rocker has been doing a lot of listening for the past few weeks and you know, there’s a lot to be heard if one keeps his/her ear to the wind. And the talk-it-up crowd has been giving the oddsmakers and speculators more than a little to consider.

Without a doubt, most eyes are on the mayor’s race in our fair city. Terry Gardner’s passing has left a big void to fill in city government and the list of those who may want to sit in that seat could grow beyond what was once a two-person race.

Current Police Jury member Nick Cox announced his intention to run against the sitting mayor months ago. He has been highly visible around town and, sources tell us, has drummed up some pretty impressive support. It will be interesting to see which other name(s) may be listed after July 25.  

Right now, odds are 5-2 that at least one other person will cast a chapeau into the ring for the mayor’s race and bettors may lay a coin or two on who that other might be. We’ve heard this other person just could come from within the council, but that’s a decision someone outside the council will ponder.

What will be the look of Minden’s city council after the Fall elections? We already know there will be at least one new face behind the power desk and oddsmakers are saying there’s a strong possibility other newbies will be oathed into office.

District E’s Ms. Bloxom will see her nameplate retired, and this one’s by choice. She announced her intentions to unrun some time ago and there are at least two who have expressed a desire to take on the job. Those are well-known around town, so we’ll wait until the end of qualifying for verification. Also, a third name was whispered, but we’re told that was speculation only.

In District A, Incumbent Edwards, who was just named Mayor Pro Tem, will reportedly face a challenger who (sources say) is very well connected to some pretty stout string pullers. Odds (6-1) are that race will be a two-person affair. We’re waiting for the pew report to confirm.

Another incumbent, Mr. Bradford, might be in big trouble to remain a repeat offender. We hear through a grapevine that’s quite active in town, multiple individuals are expressing a desire to occupy the District C chair. We’ll know more in a couple of days, but for now suffice it to say there could be a long line at the C window. 

So far, we’ve heard very little about opposition in either District B (Terika Walker-Williams) or District D (Michael Roy). A friend told us last week that no challenger appeared to be lurking in the shadows in either district, but there could B an interesting turn of events.

That same friend, and a couple of other sources, predicted odds just might be better than 50-50 that one of these aforementioned seats could potentially be open under the right circumstances. What those circumstances could be, we’re told, hinges on how eager some “leaders” in town may be to see if their muscle has enough flex to cover a pair of zip codes. 

Minden has always been good for rousing political theater. Wethinks this year’s production will be a dandy, and the script will be presented before the month is over. Odds are you want to play in this game.