‘Tis the season

Well, Minden finally has a mayor until Minden can elect a mayor. All it took was one person to make a decision after five couldn’t make up a collective mind on who should lead the city administration following the untimely death of Mayor Terry Gardner.

We did manage to have a pro tem, though, but that title didn’t last long enough to drive an ant’s motorcycle one lap around Main St. Despite urgings, pro tem Wayne Edwards decided the city’s in-the-red budget needed more council attention than an administrator. Guess what. There’s still no budget resolution. 

Gov. John Bel named former mayor Tommy Davis to chair fill until the people can speak later in the Fall and determine who will try to put things together. Word from down south is the Guv took names and decided a person already familiar with the intricacies of running a city would be best. And, we hear, Guv hoped to take politics out of the mix, if possible. 

Mr. Davis served an unexpired term and was then elected to a full term, opting not to seek reelection. While in office, Davis was known for running smooth meetings and keeping an eye on business. Hopefully, he can bring some harmony to a group that’s known more for its inharmonious moments, and convince them to get something done. Heck. We might even get a unanimous vote on approving minutes of a previous meeting.

Meanwhile, the battle lines have been drawn across the city and there should be some entertainment from now until lever pulling time. At the top of the ballot, three individuals will ask for four years to try to get the city’s ship on course. That, in our humble opinion, is gonna require quite a helmsman.

One mayoral candidate, Nick Cox, has been in the race for months. Two others waited in the wings and pulled the trigger on the final day of filing. 

First, Billy “Bill” R. Mills filed his intentions around mid-afternoon on the last day. His, however, was not the most dramatic. Less than five minutes before the clock struck closing time, Dist. B councilperson Terika Williams-Walker strolled into the room, with photographer in tow, to record the momentous occasion.

We’re not sure, but apparently CNN wasn’t available. Friends tell us the only thing missing from that flair was a blast of Trumpet Involuntary and children tossing rose petals. This, friends, is only the beginning of the big show.

There’s plenty of competition to go around, but we find some of the district races really worth watching. In Dist. A, for example, incumbent Edwards may find himself up to his eyeballs from a pair of challengers. Darrell Morris and Carlton “Buddy” Myles are in the race and word on the streets is some pretty strong support is pulling the ol’ switcheroo over in A. The strings are becoming entangled.

And in Dist. C, current seatholder Vincen “Cheese” Bradford is staring through the peephole at three who would seek to change his nameplate. Again, from friends who keep ears to the ground and fingers testing the winds, we hear Mr. Bradford might be changing his nickname to “Swiss Cheese.” Javelin Hardy, Maretta Gage and Latasha Anderson Mitchell reportedly are already poking holes in past performances. 

Now there’s the Dist. B seat that Williams-Walker is leaving to seek a larger chair. Some are saying the real question is whether or not her coattails are strong enough to pull the chosen successor along, relatively speaking. There’s a white Republican, Joey Frye, challenging Damien Kemp (No Party) and Democrat Levon “Charlie” Thomas for that post. There’s very little wiggle room in this district.  

Next, we’ll gaze into the remaining council districts, plus other races that just might be revealing.